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All That Gitters Isn't Gold

Jenni gives an update on Kelly's current situation.

This week we had a specific task:

Help Kelly Gitter to give things away
Help her to see her self-worth
Help her to move from her past into the present so she can enjoy her future
Help her daughters to encourage Kelly without offending her

Our goal was not to:

Discover a family of mega rats roaming in the office (me and the fragile little turtle)
Throw out Kelly's wedding rings
Throw out Kelly's jewelry
Cause Kelly to feel like she is a failure

This was the most challenging home by far for me and Jeff. We immediately felt overwhelmed and did not know where to start or how we could possibly finish. Kelly thought her situation was fine, her daughters did not. She admitted she was doing this for them. As we uncovered stuff and began to move things out, emotion and pain came to the surface. Kelly had been keeping her ex-husband’s things for him for many years, which Jeff and I thought was unacceptable. We pushed Kelly to move fast, to not think, and to pack up his things for him. As the days went on, you could feel a physical lift in Kelly as well as the energy in the home.

I believe we helped Kelly and her daughters above and beyond creating a great new space. We helped Kelly to feel good about herself again.

Fun Fact: I ran into Kelly two months later and she said we had changed her life. She had hired someone and had completely cleaned out her closet and master bedroom!

It was all worth it!

The Costello Cackle

Jenni "raps up" the Tommy and Marki makeover.

A Beach "Jam"

The Pacific Palisades is our home to tackle.
Lou Costello's granddaughter, she's got quite a cackle.

Marki loves Rock 'n' Roll.
Marki loves to be in control.

Finn still sleeps in their bed.
The romance between them (for the time being) is dead.

Lucas needs more time alone.
A space that he can make his own.Tommy is an artist who is in a slump.
Jeff and I must help him over the hump.

We tackled three spaces, it was quite a big deal.
A reclaimed wood wall gave the beach feel.

Both boys got a room just for them.
Marki and Tommy came together again.

We helped them to connect and Tommy opened up.
Hopefully helping them out of their rut.

Finn said "bad room" and started to weep.
But only minutes later he was fast asleep.

In his own bed!Mission Interior Therapy: Accomplished!

Don't miss the season finale next week, you will not believe your eyes!