Compromise and Sexual Coupons

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Compromise and Sexual Coupons

Jenni still can't get over the book of erotic coupons they stumbled across during their cleanup.

Alex lives with his girlfriend Tiffany in what was once his Aunt Guita's house.
Problem: It is still Aunt Guita's house, because Alex won't change a thing.

Letting go to live in the present is wrenching for Alex. Tiffany is a big part of his present that does not have a drawer to call her own. Alex leans on his mom for support to make his first real house changes…should Tiffany be worried?

When shopping for their present shared space, Alex wants everything his way, which is not a good sign. Tiffany has a voice that is not being heard. Two people are avoiding the big elephant in the room, and that is not a relationship or design plus.

A dinner out with Tiffany's honesty as the main course works wonders.

Manning up to live in the present is the music Alex has to play, and he is a musician. Zoila says higher, Jeff says higher... Can Alex deal with the high of change? Can Jeff take the high road and stop focusing on a lady's panties? Can I take the high road and not mention the book of sexual coupons we found?
New paint and furniture cannot solve emotional problems but they can support the healing process. Moving forward can be scary and challenging. Trust me, I know.

Watching Jeff's talent transform lives goes a long way in explaining why I'm on Team Lewis. Jeff brought Aunt Guita into the mix in a whole new way. Tiffany got a new office... and Aunt Guita's chandelier.

Guita's generosity to her nephew is now alive and well in The Miracle Mile!