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Jenni's Makeover Musts

The four essential items that make her space.

Jenni Pulos makeover tips
It's important that your home speaks to who you are. So I thought I’d share the four things that make my home uniquely me:

1. My Dogs LuLu and Janet
My "children with fur" are by far my favorite and most cherished things in my home. They have loved me through good and bad times and they always make me happy. They do have the run of my home – I have four dog beds, I cook beef and rice for their food, and they each have multiple outfits. So worth it. They bring life, energy, humor, and happiness into my home.

2. My Vintage Card Counter
An audience member from The Nate Berkus Show gave me this in exchange for an item I gave them from my home (a red glass heart) when I was a guest on his show. It had history in their home and now it brings great energy and thoughtfulness into my space.

3. My Newly Organized Closet
This space makes me very happy and proud. I am committed to keeping it clean, constantly donating clothes to people in need, and trying to keep things neatly hung and organized which is a challenge. Yes, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis has rubbed off on me. Less clutter can make your heart a flutter!

4. My Coffee Table Books
These really represent who I am. I have books on everything from Greece to theater to fashion. Coffee table books are a wonderful accessory that can also express and highlight your personality.