Jenni Pulos

Jenni gives us an 'Interior Therapy' rap to start the show off right.

on Mar 14, 2012

Living with ten different families definitely changed our lives. In tonight's premiere you will meet the Steinbecks, a wonderful family who had been turned off to remodeling after having a disastrous kitchen makeover, which took months longer than originally planned.

Felice had good taste, and their home was already beautiful, but the upstairs floor plan was not. Jeff and I immediately realized that we had to give them their proper master back and design the closet Felice had always dreamed of.

Jeff and I were very stressed about completing a bathroom in five days, yet miraculously we did it. The things you see -- multiple water leaks, the headboard not fitting up the stairs, Jeff spraying Felice's expensive perfume on me -- all happened. Trust me, you cannot make this up. (Sorry, Felice!)