Jenni Pulos

Jenni was relieved to finally put an end to Terri and Don's style war.

on Apr 18, 2012

This week Jeff and I walked into the Golden's style wars.
Don's years in the house before Terri still dominated and loomed way too large.
Terri's big personality brought a lot of gold to the mix.
She still felt unwelcome, a married woman in a bachelor pad.
They claim to love music, however they have no harmony.
Jeff wanted to find the "we" by creating a clean slate.

Three rooms in five days begins a change Terri has been waiting five years for.
Sixteen years of "his house" it's time to get a "rethink."
Furniture shopping with a couple is a major style war.

Jeff copes with emotional eating.
I cope by sporting my Hello Kitty onesie and my pink and black tool belt.

Who knew Jeff going through my suitcase and touching my bras would serve as a stress reliever?
We eat Indian food, but it does not help Don surrender to Jeff the design guru.