The Golden Rule

Jenni was relieved to finally put an end to Terri and Don's style war.

This week Jeff and I walked into the Golden's style wars.
Don's years in the house before Terri still dominated and loomed way too large.
Terri's big personality brought a lot of gold to the mix.
She still felt unwelcome, a married woman in a bachelor pad.
They claim to love music, however they have no harmony.
Jeff wanted to find the "we" by creating a clean slate.

Three rooms in five days begins a change Terri has been waiting five years for.
Sixteen years of "his house" it's time to get a "rethink."
Furniture shopping with a couple is a major style war.

Jeff copes with emotional eating.
I cope by sporting my Hello Kitty onesie and my pink and black tool belt.

Who knew Jeff going through my suitcase and touching my bras would serve as a stress reliever?
We eat Indian food, but it does not help Don surrender to Jeff the design guru.Trust is an issue here.

Removing the arch that Don worked on for three weeks raises the room temperature.
Don speeds through the grief of change.
A terrified Don, Terri, guitar, and Piggy (the doggie) escape to the W Hotel.
Note to Jeff: Don's underwear does not belong on my head.

Jeff purchased a baby grand piano that he hopes will bring Terri into the living room.
Don's guitars return to the wall.
Music appreciation and masculine/feminine compromise create unity.
Harmony, finally!
The bedroom gets a new life (and a gold pillow).
Don's biggest wow was reserved for his new office.
Balls are back in place!
We rocked the Golden rule!

The Costello Cackle

Jenni "raps up" the Tommy and Marki makeover.

A Beach "Jam"

The Pacific Palisades is our home to tackle.
Lou Costello's granddaughter, she's got quite a cackle.

Marki loves Rock 'n' Roll.
Marki loves to be in control.

Finn still sleeps in their bed.
The romance between them (for the time being) is dead.

Lucas needs more time alone.
A space that he can make his own.Tommy is an artist who is in a slump.
Jeff and I must help him over the hump.

We tackled three spaces, it was quite a big deal.
A reclaimed wood wall gave the beach feel.

Both boys got a room just for them.
Marki and Tommy came together again.

We helped them to connect and Tommy opened up.
Hopefully helping them out of their rut.

Finn said "bad room" and started to weep.
But only minutes later he was fast asleep.

In his own bed!Mission Interior Therapy: Accomplished!

Don't miss the season finale next week, you will not believe your eyes!