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Too Much of a Good Thing

Jenni thinks Bob truly had a personal and emotional breakthrough.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lorsch or Too Much of a Good Thing in Lorsch Land

I was somewhat the tough lover this week with Bob and Kira. As Jeff and I learned through every episode of this series, everyone has a personal story and memories attached to their belongings.

Bob had such an interesting story. I felt that in Bob's life people had hurt and disappointed him, but his possessions hadn't. He had done such good for people through charity because of his special treasures and he felt such a passionate and emotional connection to them. But his greatest treasure, Kira, had felt neglected, overlooked, and ignored. We were there to help Bob move from the past and be in the present to truly experience and appreciate his future.

As the week progressed I felt Bob had a personal and emotional breakthrough. All he needed to know was that his things were going to end up with someone who would love and appreciate them as much as he had.

The gallery was beautiful, and Jeff Lorsch and I (Jeff is still waiting for the adoption papers to go through) were proud of the art gallery that would then pay it forward and help raise money for charities.

A recap of reasons to watch this week:

When does priceless artwork everywhere become torture?

When it upstages your relationship with the person you love.

The Task:
How do I get Jeff's eye off being adopted by very rich Bob and back on target?

The Distraction:
Jeff is overcome by the powers of a very expensive mattress and I discover pillows can be perfection.

A blue elephant from old girlfriend will have to go, along with a lot of other stuff.

Jeff's Lorsch Life fantasies are not being supported by me, who was left to manage the work.

Jeff soaks his toes in the jacuzzi and practices ways to say, "I have a rich daddy."
Another Question:
Zoila wonders if a two hundred thousand dollar rug can fly.

Oh, the Statue:
The close encounters of a very large crane and a very large art bronze almost stopped my heart. If bronzes could write thank you notes, we would get one for moving our new friends from trash to treasure.

Jeff called beloved '50s icon Howdy Doody a "Chuckie doll."
We could be in real trouble!
There will be tears!

More Conflict:
Will I drop a priceless work of art and spend my life making payments?

The moral of this story is…

Watch Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis give new meaning to charity begins at home.

Keep tuning in, tell your friends, and let us know your advice, we can use it!