Jenni Pulos

Jenni thinks Bob truly had a personal and emotional breakthrough.

on Mar 22, 2012

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lorsch or Too Much of a Good Thing in Lorsch Land

I was somewhat the tough lover this week with Bob and Kira. As Jeff and I learned through every episode of this series, everyone has a personal story and memories attached to their belongings.

Bob had such an interesting story. I felt that in Bob's life people had hurt and disappointed him, but his possessions hadn't. He had done such good for people through charity because of his special treasures and he felt such a passionate and emotional connection to them. But his greatest treasure, Kira, had felt neglected, overlooked, and ignored. We were there to help Bob move from the past and be in the present to truly experience and appreciate his future.

As the week progressed I felt Bob had a personal and emotional breakthrough. All he needed to know was that his things were going to end up with someone who would love and appreciate them as much as he had.