Wee Weenie Art

Jenni wasn't a huge fan of Adam's phallic taste in art.

Jeff Lewis' five-day fix in this case means grow up and maybe break up.

Adam is a photographer for buildings and interiors, who lives in a house in the hills with his dog, Larry. Yvonne is a yoga instructor, who loves her hot nerd and wants to stop visiting and move in permanently with her dog, Chewie. They have been friends for years and dating for five months.

Jeff says he does not feel the love.

Adam's boy pad is not what you would call couple friendly. Electric wiener wall art (now you see them, now you don't!) competes with a stuffed fox for Jeff's attention.

Adam thinks perhaps the penis curios in multiples should have been removed before we arrived. And Jeff says the stuffed fox is creepy.

I try to brighten things up for Jeff by dancing with Adam's camera equipped life-size robot. He looks a like a clown and has big eyes that light up. Jeff wants to get rid of the play pen theme and replace it with a more mature interior. Out with the old in with the new seems to be a little more than Adam bargained for.

The stuffed fox finds a new home sold for $50.

Adam is only comfortable with things done his way and questions everything.

I am hopeful for Yvonne and try engagement ring visualization. Jeff questions the relationship and Yvonne listens. Zoila to the rescue at demolition central! Nose plugs inserted, she removes antique food from Adam's fridge.

Adam's all round commitment issues become Jeff's design nightmare. "It's MY house" when furniture shopping is not a good sign and Yvonne feels the pain.

This controlling, big bow tie wearer has Jeff in cranky mode. Tiles out, wood in. Will this major transformation help their relationship get off the mat?

"You don't need your yoga mat," Adam instructs Yvonne, and they are off to the hotel. This may not be a two for long. The reveal is a knock out. Yvonne says, "It's a dream."

Adam says, "Welcome to MY new home."

Oh Adam... If he wants to be a WE, he has to work on his pronouns.

Yvonne and Chewie… Are they in or are they out? Or are they still just visiting?

Tune in to see if the robot gets to stay and if he's gay!

Jeff's Childhood Nightmares

Get Jenni's take on the toy-filled house.

Flying Sofas

We venture to Echo Park California.
Jessika is an artist and Christian a Visual FX Producer.

The place is full of Jeff's childhood nightmares.
They were married by the Easter bunny, which Jeff finds freaky.
Disturbing dolls and shocking art is not Jeff's idea of serene.
Eyes are everywhere and Christian is worried they are headed to Grey Gardens.
"Piling up crap," Jeff says.
It is a kitchy e-bay explosion.

Christian is completely uncomfortable in his living space.
He has a bar and a beer before going home. Jeff says it looks like an insane asylum.
Shock value and attention.
Cutting because you don't have a voice.
Cluttered, dirty, and dark.
This is not a grown up space.
It’s dark and some of the art is depressing.

Christian wants a space to entertain, but Jessika has a hard time letting go of the clutter.
Cutting yourself as performance art.
Giant soup tins come crashing down the stairs.
Daddy issues are mixed with decorating.
Christian needs to express himself in the décor.
He needs an adult living space.
But he’s a pushover with Jessika...can he be more present?
He wants to open up and have a voice.

Dinosaur with a doll head is now in the dumpster.
Interesting, Jessika does not need to work to be that way.
Let go of the toys....causes a fight.
They need a balanced relationship, 80/20 is not where it's at.
Christian and Jessika go to the hotel.

The scary rats have to go, so do the creepy dolls.
No more eyes here, there, and everywhere. Jessika says leaving your comfort zone is a proof of love.
Art is subjective.
This is an "ah-ha" moment. I can see clearly now...there is evidence with that eye test.

The reveal leaves Christian "speechless" and Jessika says it is "amazing, sophisticated... mind blowing."
Bringing the family together.
Making Jessika's art something that can shine and Christian now feels at home, which hopefully will help their issues and relationship

Interior Engagement:
Two ladies en route to a proposal.