Jenni Pulos

Jenni stopped breathing when the crane carried the jacuzzi over the roof.

on May 16, 2012

Jeff has had it with this back seat decorator

At the house Mr. List Mark hands Mr. List Jeff a list of instructions.

I have a front row seat for some serious fun.

The ultimate micro manager has met his match.

Mark's techno, weirdo, I don't know instructions freeze Jeff in his tracks.

Jeff says "one chief," and Mark and Yeni are off to the hotel.

Mark does not want to go.

Giving up control is painful for Yeni's papa bear.

This micro manager needs a rest.

Rosie the electrician has to put the pedal to the metal.

A very large crane has to drive up a very small street to install by air Mark's selection -- the 2000-pound Jacuzzi.

Of course the crane isn't large enough.