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Work in Progress

Jeff explains what inspired him to do the show.

Thank you for checking out Interior Therapy. I appreciate all of your comments (well most of them). I want to be clear, this new show is not replacing Flipping Out. It is a second show intended to entertain loyal Bravo viewers in the interim. Flipping Out is a true documentary that takes half the year to film. We are very limited to how many episodes we can generate. What drew me to the Interior Therapy concept was the idea of a "mad dash" remodel that could be done in just five days. It allows Jenni and me the ability to shoot ten episodes in just ten weeks. By the way, I'm also helping people (or at least trying to).

I realize the structure of the show has some challenges and it needs some tweaks, but it does have tremendous potential. I appreciate your constructive criticism, and trust me I'm listening. I am a perfectionist, and I want this show to be everything you expect it to be. It will get better, it just might take a season to perfect. In the meantime, keep commenting. Good or bad, I can handle it.