Jenni Pulos

Jenni was very proud of Barbara for letting go of the cats.

on Jul 16, 2013

The new office/kitty city space turned out beautifully (the glass garage door created a spacious indoor/outdoor environment) and not only will the cats have their own fabulous new home, but it added needed square footage for the Perrin family.

It was also amazing to see how de-clutter can make such a difference. By cleaning, donating some furniture, and reconfiguring the space, we made it feel lighter, brighter, and better. The house became more comfortable and inviting.

Jeff and I both got our own wake-up call that being a parent is:

A. Tiring
B. Hard Work
C. A Full Time Job
D. Tough

We leave the Perrin's and are excited for their new start. Barbara and Jay can have sexy time, the kids can be allergy free, and the kitties have their own indoor/outdoor city! Mission accomplished!

Next week...Count Dracula decor, no more!