Jenni Pulos

Jenni hopes she and Jeff were able to help Stewart and Samantha find some balance.

on Aug 6, 2013

Hayden's Home Takeover

Samantha and Stewart Bick live in Beverly Hills with their three year old son Hayden. Jeff and I walked into their home and immediately realized who dominated their 90210 space.  Sure, Stewart is in the business of manufacturing high end furniture so there were many abandoned pieces struggling to fit in together.

Yes, Samantha had chosen some pieces that maybe did not mesh with what Stewart had brought home over the years.

It was Hayden, however, who actually had taken over.

The living room was covered in toys and a large play mat, which Jeff referred to as "the only thing that brought color." Art projects covered the kitchen countertops, and bathroom toys were strewn about.

As a new mother, it is much easier for me to now understand how this can easily become the way of life. As a new mother, you want your entire existence to be about your little angel. I get it.

However, for Stewart and Samantha things had spiraled way out of control.