Jenni Pulos

Jenni recounts the remodel of the "House on Haunted Hill."

on Jul 9, 2013

Rebuilding has to take place for both the house and its occupants. We want to give them an inspiring start. The clutter, mold, mildew and mice have to go. Jeff is worried about eating food prepared here and mentions taking antibiotics. Patrik says Pol has to control every single thing. Jeff tells them they are living in "Polville"and it's not pretty. Patrik seems to always give in and is very unhappy about it. Pol's response is "Snow White has to tinkle" and exits. Before we can really help here Pol has to let go and trust Jeff, something Patrik appears to have an easier time doing. Pol panics at the sight of the large dumpster outside.

Zoila says "haunted house" before entering, and I can't help thinking this house is "sad and broken."

Donate and de-clutter are not progress, but a personal attack as far as Pol is concerned. The sound of wall breaking and ripping out windows sends Pol into a frenzy. The demolition crew are told by Jeff to disregard all but his orders. We leave Patrik, Pol and Snow White hearing crashing sounds and go to lunch. Badly needed major construction requires quite a few sledgehammers. Pol screams at the workers to stop and they just keep pounding away. 

This house needs furniture and we all go shopping. At this point even Snow White gets hostile. Pol and Patrik are at opposite ends of the design spectrum and Jeff suggests "a blend."