Jenni Pulos

Jenni talks costumes, dance moves, and wooden shlongs.

on Jul 30, 2013

Where There's a Moat, There's a Way

Lisa and Adam are a newly married couple who live in Beachwood Canyon in a castle...complete with moat and armor. Adam’s father Chuck built the castle in the mid-1970s. His father died five years ago, and everything seems to be in medieval time warp. Adam is king of this castle. Jeff describes it as "an eleven thousand square foot sh—box."

One man's treasure has not benefited from years of neglect. Taste is subjective, and Adam's late father Chuck and Jeff are worlds apart. Tasteful and tacky are in the eye of the beholder. Nothing in this residence has passed the Jeff Lewis Taste Test. The Princess Room, once occupied by Adam's sister, like most of the house is worn and sad. Adam is the last one living in what was once his family home. Lisa is frustrated by Adam's unwillingness to update or change in any way. He talks about his emotional attachment to the house and as a person "change has always been hard."

This brings Lisa to tears understanding how much pain this causes him. Jeff's frustration increases with Adam's reluctance. He is geared up for an all-out attack on what he sees as a dilapidated disaster. Jeff sits them down with a minimum of patience. "You need a space for both of you... more of a normal life for a newlywed couple."