Jenni Pulos

Jenni dishes on the bubble chair, bush camo, and her crazy car ride.

on Jul 23, 2013

The Gloom Has Got to Go

Jillian and Grant Reynolds live in Tarzana, California with their two young children Ruby and Rocco. The marriage of a television celebrity and former Marine Sniper has hit a rough patch...

Entering their house Jeff encounters "the biggest television I have ever seen." The house he describes as large and gothic, which he says makes him uneasy. Jillian tells him she is responsible for the decorating and Jeff says, "You and Count Dracula." Also maybe some girlfriends and a gay guy. Jeff is uncomfortable in general with the decor and all the crosses on the walls push him over the edge.

Grant has been a house husband for five of their six years of married life. Jillian is the breadwinner and owned the house and most of its contents several years prior to their marriage.

I don't feel Grant is represented at all in the home. It does not feel like a family friendly space. It has not changed since Jillian was single in LA.

After 20 years on a local Fox morning news program, Jillian declares, "I quit on Thursday." This family is doing a fast one eighty. Grant will be the breadwinner and plans to work under contract in the Middle East. "Sniper to diaper back to Sniper" says Jillian.