Jenni Pulos

Jenni recounts Ryan and Jodan's relationship and design issues.

on Sep 10, 2013

Ryan wants Jordan to get a boob job and eat salads, which she does not like.
Jeff wants Jordan to stand up.
Her husband is clearly comfortable being arrogant and highly abusive.
Jordan is comfortable backing down, a skill she says she learned early in life.

Ryan has no filter and dumps on Jordan's decorating ideas.
The living room is our target for design compromise.
Removing, donating, and giving someone else power has Ryan hyper-ventilating and shutting down.
He barks at me, "Do not touch my stuff without asking."
Trust is not his thing, so he does his best to steamroll.

The remodel is to bring his wife Jordan into the home.
She is very in love but unhappy with the inequality in the relationship.
Jeff sees himself in Ryan's communication and control issues and admits he doesn't like it.
Jeff lays it down for Ryan, no sugar coating (which is OK because Ryan doesn't like sugar...or carbs).
"I have a lot of failed relationships because of the way I behaved."
"You hurt people in the process of being hyper critical as a way to ‘help’"
"There is a need for serious change under this roof, and I don't know you're going to like it."