Jenni Pulos

Jenni recounts Ryan and Jodan's relationship and design issues.

on Sep 10, 2013

When we go shopping Jeff thinks Ryan naturally gravitates to the ugliest thing in the room.
Jeff questions why this man is overselling his "cool and sexy."

The breast book gets Zoila's attention and it's all about the big chi chis.

A skill set consisting of hurt, disrespect, and alienate seems to appeal to Ryan.
I have a talk with Jordan about speaking up and Ryan is dealt with by a brutally honest Jeff.
We all go out to eat Jordan orders fries because she wants to gain weight.
Ryan sulks with his salad.
Jeff thinks Ryan would like to feed her "a carrot a week." 

At the hotel Jordan confronts her husband: "... it's not OK anymore."
She does not want a parent, she wants "less controlling" and more compromise.
"I need your help" is Ryan's response to his truthful wife.