Ryan's Not So Sexy Style

Jenni recounts Ryan and Jodan's relationship and design issues.


Ryan and Jordan live in Encino, California.
According to Jeff, Ryan is a huge prick married to a pushover.
His decorating is cheesy and early ‘90s.
The living room has 1989 details that have to go.
Ryan tells us his home is his idea of sexy: it says "take your clothes off."
A titty vase and books of butts and boobs.

Turns out Ryan is obsessed with sex and being thin.
This inspires Jeff and I to go out to eat and max out on carbs.
Fettuccine Alfredo, anyone?
We bring major carbs back to share, and Ryan is not amused.

His beautiful wife Jordan endures Ryan's way or the highway technique.
"You should have seen her body before I married her."
Her "Dumbo" ears are sore and healing after a fix that he demanded.
"Stop being so strong or I'll knock you out."

Ryan wants Jordan to get a boob job and eat salads, which she does not like.
Jeff wants Jordan to stand up.
Her husband is clearly comfortable being arrogant and highly abusive.
Jordan is comfortable backing down, a skill she says she learned early in life.

Ryan has no filter and dumps on Jordan's decorating ideas.
The living room is our target for design compromise.
Removing, donating, and giving someone else power has Ryan hyper-ventilating and shutting down.
He barks at me, "Do not touch my stuff without asking."
Trust is not his thing, so he does his best to steamroll.

The remodel is to bring his wife Jordan into the home.
She is very in love but unhappy with the inequality in the relationship.
Jeff sees himself in Ryan's communication and control issues and admits he doesn't like it.
Jeff lays it down for Ryan, no sugar coating (which is OK because Ryan doesn't like sugar...or carbs).
"I have a lot of failed relationships because of the way I behaved."
"You hurt people in the process of being hyper critical as a way to ‘help’"
"There is a need for serious change under this roof, and I don't know you're going to like it."
When we go shopping Jeff thinks Ryan naturally gravitates to the ugliest thing in the room.
Jeff questions why this man is overselling his "cool and sexy."

The breast book gets Zoila's attention and it's all about the big chi chis.

A skill set consisting of hurt, disrespect, and alienate seems to appeal to Ryan.
I have a talk with Jordan about speaking up and Ryan is dealt with by a brutally honest Jeff.
We all go out to eat Jordan orders fries because she wants to gain weight.
Ryan sulks with his salad.
Jeff thinks Ryan would like to feed her "a carrot a week." 

At the hotel Jordan confronts her husband: "... it's not OK anymore."
She does not want a parent, she wants "less controlling" and more compromise.
"I need your help" is Ryan's response to his truthful wife. Ryan and Jordan are stunned how Jeff combined their differences into an elegant living room. What seemed impossible to blend is now beautiful:  "A different idea of what sexy can be."
Finally, they are moving toward marriage equality.
Ryan shocked us: "I'm willing to learn."
Jeff and I are too!

Did you learn something along the way? Hope so! We are so grateful you joined us on the Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis Season 2 journey!

Until we come knocking on your door...

The Bickering Beechers

Jenni gives her thoughts on the problems in Crystal and Brian's home (and relationship).

Beecher's Madhouse

Beer cans next to the toilet.
Socks on the floor.
Pizza boxes everywhere.
Welcome to the Beechers!

This couple clearly has a power struggle. It was a mess, and not just their space. Crystal tells Brian, "You don't know what proper style is. It's called grown up and being sophisticated." Brian hates Crystal's taste and especially her blue chair. He loves his shark and frat memorabilia. Brian disrespects everything in the house except his man-cave.

Fighting, bickering, fighting!

She constantly nags him, and I can't help but chime in that it is a mother-son relationship with nookie. Sounds creepy, but true.

Jeff related to Crystal and her need for clean, but points out that she is extremely difficult. She is overly critical and harsh. Brian admits he acts out because he is tired of her constant nagging

I explain to Crystal that nobody wants to see Mommy in lingerie. She can't nag him and also needs to be careful with her tone. Brian needs to respect their space and Crystal.

Furniture shopping is a bust. Crystal keeps gravitating towards the same styles. We must create a balance in their space and their partnership. Tone is crucial in any relationship; Crystal needs to soften hers. We tell Crystal to make a list and approach Brian with a nurturing tone.

At the hotel they seem to have a breakthrough.

We finish the space (after locking Zoila in the closet), and it looks beautiful.

We have created a sophisticated space that incorporates both of them. It now has a beautiful flow between living and dining room, which we hope will cause a new unity in their marriage as well. It represents them both and feels calm and happy, which is what we wish for their future!

Goodbye Bickersons, hello Blissersons!

Tune in next week to an artist who has lost her way. We come to help her find it.