Have Trouble Packing For Vacay? Let Invite Only Cabo Show You Their Ways

Each vacationer has a different take on the best way to pack.

Invite Only Cabo has one crazy vacation ahead of them, but the madness began at home -- when they were packing their bags. If you're headed on a vacation of your own (especially a friends' trip), these luxurious travelers have you covered. Kamani Alana's must have item is pretty simple: "Number one: shoes." Bianca Banks only wants to bring her finest on vacation, "Chanel. Prada. Hermes. Louis Vuitton. I'm like...what else is on Rodeo?" But the simplest, most relatable of them all is vacation host Larry Sims: "So basically in a nutshell, grab everything off of the hangers, throw it in the bag, make your flight and you're good to go."

Check out all of the crew's tips in the video above.

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