Is Larry Sims Leading Bianca Banks on?

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If you've been keeping tabs on Larry Sims and Bianca Banks' relationship like the other Cabo vacationers then you know the two have made out in the club, got jealous of each other's behavior while hanging out in Cabo, and will only call each other "babe". However, the two refuse to label their relationship and Larry's other friends are concerned Larry is leading Bianca on. She even proposed to him! So when he decides to get her a ring for her birthday, his friends think it's going to send the wrong message. Especially after he reveals that he loves someone else. So do you think he's leading her on? Vote in our poll below and let us know!

Invite Only Cabo
Move Over Bianca, Larry Loves Somebody Else
But he's not saying who yet...

Watch Biance explain their relationship to Larry's friends:

Invite Only Cabo
Just Babe and Babe
Larry's friends try to understand Bianca and Larry's relationship.
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