Brad Goreski

Brad thinks Lindsay's really stepped up to the plate.

on Feb 20, 2012

The first order of business after returning from Milan was to go to the office to see how it was shaping up. I had left Lindsay with the task of setting up the studio space with clearer instructions as to how I would like it decorated. When I walked in I was so happy, because she had executed my wishes perfectly. She only had four days to get it together and the job she did exceeded my expectations. I felt that the space now really reflected my personality, and that we were ready to have our first fitting. Lindsay is amazing! I love her so much. She is so kind, funny, and incredibly hard working. I am so lucky to have found her and cannot imagine my life without her. She’s a gem.

I love Shay Mitchell. She is so beautiful, talented, and sweet. Styling her for the Much Music Video Awards was a big deal. Being Canadian, I know that it is THE music awards show in Canada, and since it was her first time presenting there, I wanted her to have an amazing red carpet moment. We had two racks of really great options that offered a lot of variety. The purpose of a fitting is to try as many things as possible to see what works and what isn’t working. It is also the time to edit out the things that are immediately not “winners.” As a stylist, it is important for me to always steer my clients in the right direction and to push them when I feel it is necessary. In this instance, I wanted Shay to show a little more skin and to step outside of her comfort zone. We settled on an amazing Asos dress with a beaded bustier and feathered skirt. I love working with Shay. She loves clothes, loves switching up her look, and isn’t afraid to try something new. I feel so lucky to still be working with her. She is not only a client, but she has become a good friend.