Brad Goreski

Brad goes deep about the fight with his father.

on Jan 30, 2012

When I was 11 years old, my grandfather (my mom’s dad) died unexpectedly from a heart attack. From that day on I said, “I love you,” to both of my parents before I went to bed, because I had this fear that if anything happened to them in the night at least the last thing I said to them would be, “I love you.” After my dad and I fought on the phone, I felt horrible. I remembered that feeling I had as a kid and thought, “What if something happens to my father and the last conversation we had was a fight.” My worst fear became a reality when my sister called to tell me that he had a serious accident. He fortunately made a quick recovery, quite miraculously. My dad and I are now speaking and working through everything. I do regret having that fight with him on the phone. I wish it never happened, but in these instances you have to look at what you gain from the situation and not what you have lost. I feel like it opened the door for my father and me to be honest with each other about how we were feeling about our relationship. 

Planning our 10-year anniversary party was turning out to be quite an interesting experience. From fighting about the party being in our home to Gary revealing that lentil soup was one of the foods he wanted to have at the party, I was starting to wonder how on earth this was going to turn out to be anything that either of us wanted. I do have to say I was highly entertained at the meeting with our party planner, Steven. The stuff that Gary was coming up with was outrageous. I felt like he was very sure of what he didn’t want the party to be, but what he wanted it to be I couldn’t actually say. There was definitely more to be revealed.