Brad Goreski

Brad thought pitching 'Details' was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of his life.

on Jan 9, 2012

I love New York! It's probably my favorite city in the entire world. I was extremely excited to go there because I knew I had a lot of good meetings set up and a job styling a men's shoot for GILT man. On top of that, my mom and my sister were coming to hang out in NY. It was my mom's first trip to the Big Apple, and I wanted it to be really special. 

Working with GILT group was fantastic! I was so happy to be working again with men's clothes, creating looks that I would wear and hopefully that people would want to buy. They are a very talented and organized group to work for. Not to mention handsome… haha! Yes I would be referring to Tyler. I have known Tyler for about six months at that point, and he is a really great guy. He is definitely known as one of the really handsome straight guys in the NY fashion world, and I knew I could have a lot of fun with him. He was a very good sport. I thank him a lot for bringing this project to me and for making the experience so great. BTW, he is NOT single, so don't even think about it ladies!