Brad Goreski

Brad discusses the difficulties of starting your own business and his "Diana Ross" look for the red carpet.

on Jan 2, 2012

As you can see, we are obsessed with our dogs. Jasper (the black one) is a miniature schnauzer. He’s the grandpa of the group, and Penelope is our little angel that we found through the organization Dogs without Borders, which rescues dogs from kill shelters and finds foster homes for them until they are adopted. Penelope and I have an intense bond: wherever I am, she is. She sleeps pressed up against me every night. I love them both so much. 

I had no idea that starting my business would be so hard. I really hadn’t thought anything out. I just knew that it was time to leave my previous job and go out on my own, because my gut was telling me to. I did not picture myself working out of my garage, that’s for sure. But we do what we have to do, and I thank god that Gary was so understanding. It worked for a while, but trust me, it had its time limit. 

At this point, every single job was extremely important to me. Not only financially but also because in order to get work from magazines, other celebrities, and designers, they want to see a portfolio of your work. I had not accumulated enough to really show anything or show my style, so I was super excited when Paper called and asked me to style four models in "Brad Style." I was very much looking forward to being creative and working with men’s clothes. You can really only spend so much time working out, hanging out with the dogs, etc. This is not to say that I was not pitching ideas, trying to get meetings, going to meetings, etc, but people were not really biting. I was working at full speed and showing small results.