Brad Goreski

Brad discusses the difficulties of starting your own business and his "Diana Ross" look for the red carpet.

on Jan 2, 2012

I knew I would need some help on set since I was not only styling the shoot for Paper magazine but would also be modeling in it. Monica came recommended to me through a few close friends who work at showrooms in LA. I was so excited to have the help and loved her energy and thought she was really sweet. She jumped right in and got down and dirty in the garage and on set. I had been doing everything myself for the previous few months but was relieved to be able to give someone else things to take care of. 

Some of the designers had been very adamant that they needed some of the looks they sent for the shoot back in New York the next day for other shoots. I gave them my word that they would be there. It was almost 5 pm and the models stayed in the same outfit for the entire shoot, so there was no need to keep everything out. I was actually taught to load up and get out quickly from Taylor. She was always so obsessed with packing up fast, and it has become part of the process for me just from years of having to do it. I was very surprised at the end of the shoot when nothing had been packed up and the Fedex packages were still not done. They didn’t make it out that night and missed the other shoots they were supposed to be on. Ultimately, it is my responsibility as the stylist. I think Monica is great, but she was not the right fit for me. I had to accept this as part of the process of trying people out and so the search continued…