Brad Goreski

Brad discusses the difficulties of starting your own business and his "Diana Ross" look for the red carpet.

on Jan 2, 2012

I loved the photographer, Chris Dibble, so much. We really bonded on that day sharing our experiences of growing up gay, the adversity we faced, and how important expressing ourselves through fashion is. On top of that he took great pictures that were full of energy, which is what I really wanted out of this shoot. 

When I got the call that I would be styling Keri Hilson for the Met Ball, it really lifted my spirits after getting taken off of the job with Diane Lane. I was OBSESSED with Keri's song Pretty Girl Rock that was all over the radio at the time, and knew that we could create a really strong moment together. I knew I wanted her to look super glamorous, but there needed to be drama and a youthful edge to her look. I immediately called my friends Lucio and Jessica at Versace and they hooked me up BIG TIME. They sent about eight gowns most of which were from the Versace Atelier collection. Whenever possible you want your clients in couture on the red carpet, and so I knew this would be a slam dunk for me. Of course I needed to have other options there, so I pulled from many other designers as well of from Catwalk to add some amazing vintage gowns into the mix, but I knew right away that she would go with one Versace gown in particular.