Brad Goreski

Brad discusses the difficulties of starting your own business and his "Diana Ross" look for the red carpet.

on Jan 2, 2012

Being on the red carpet is both fun and a little nerve wracking, but more fun. Sometimes when I’m being photographed I hear the voice of this photographer who told me when I was about six while he was taking my school photo that I didn’t have a nice smile and I shouldn’t smile in photos. At the time I was devastated and I didn’t smile in school photos for years, but now it makes me smile so big because it reminds me of how far I’ve come from that small room to the left of the school library where we had our pictures taken. In a way, he did me a favor. Alas, I digress. Gary is obsessed with One Life to Live. He has been for a REALLY long time. Try quizzing him. He knows every character, actor, story line, etc. 

I hope you continue to go on this journey with me, Gary, and my friends and family who you will meet in the coming episodes. The months that we filmed this season were for some reason filled with drama (both personal and work related). We travel all over the place and have a ton of fun and laughs…if anything, hopefully you will watch it for the fashion, because there is a lot of it. 

I love next week’s episode so much! It’s really fun…and I think I cry. I would bet on it actually. Can you believe I made it through the ENTIRE first episode without crying? So proud of myself