Why So Serious?

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Beth Chose Function Over Fashion

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Why So Serious?

Brad loved having Gary with him in Milan to make him laugh and keep him on track.

Going to the men's shows in Milan was a great thrill for me. I had always wanted to go, and after having had such a great experience styling a fashion story for Details, I decided that it would be a good idea to go. I also needed to find a gown for Jessica Alba for the premiere of Spy Kids 4, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to visit the designers and the showrooms to discuss options for her.

I was so happy that Gary decided to come with me to the shows. He had never been to a show before and having him there with me was a great way to spend time together and show him the world that I was now working in. The line up of shows we were going to was really impressive: Brunello Cucinelli, Neil Barrett, Calvin Klein, DSQUARED2, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Versace. The weather in Milan was perfect for wearing outfits -- sunny but not too hot. I had so many good outfits to wear, and I was gonna wear them.

I was lucky to visit with so many of the designers before or after their collections. This is always such a big deal for me. I love getting to say hi and talk to the designers about their inspirations for the collections. From talking about the way men dress with Brunello Cucinelli to spending an afternoon with the Dean and Dan from DSQUARED2 in their showroom the day before the show, I felt like I was living in a dream. Not to mention, going backstage to give my congratulations to Donatella Versace after her show.

Being able to take Gary with me on this trip was fantastic! He has shown me so many amazing places in the world and we have had so many special experiences together that it was nice for me to be able to share my world with him a little. Being able to bring him to shows, show him backstage, introduce him to designers and the people I work with was incredible. Gary makes me laugh a lot on a daily basis, but we laughed so much on this trip. Sometimes the fashion world takes itself really seriously, so having Gary with me to keep me on track was perfect. People always ask me how filming was and if I felt like it added extra pressure to my life or my relationship, and I can honestly say it did not. I actually think that it complemented it nicely. One of my favorite moments of the entire season is the dinner that Gary and I have near the Duomo when Gary says to me how proud he was of me. He tells me this all time, but this moment for me made the entire trip worthwhile. We were both kind of teary at this dinner, because for me being able to finally give back to Gary was a big deal and to hear him say that he saw something special in me from the time he first saw me when we met in Greece was a very emotional moment for me. I love him so much. I did start crying but we were out in public in a foreign country at a restaurant, so I kept the cry cute and small.

I hope you love this episode as much as I do!

Beth Chose Function Over Fashion

Brad really didn't know which dress Beth Behrs was going to choose until the last minute.

Beth Behrs has been a client of mine since the Tony Awards this past June. We had such a great red carpet moment that night that we have been working together ever since.

I love Beth. She is very open to change, trying new things, and she trusts me 100%. Beth was attending the AmFar event in Los Angeles with the creator of the show she stars in "Two Broke Girls," so we wanted her to be sexy and sophisticated at the same time. At the end of the fitting, I usually know what a client is going to wear, but in this case, we had two very strong Armani options that were very different in feeling, but both appropriate for the occasion.

We had both of them prepared for her, and in the end she chose to wear the black velvet plunging neckline gown. This is a case where function over fashion won! We loved the strapless pearly grey architectural gown, but it was very restricting and would have been hard for her to sit in for the entire event. Some dresses are meant to be worn on the carpet only -- you take pictures and then get in your car and go home! It happens.

In the end she looked gorgeous, chic and sexy. Check!Getting a new house with Gary has been absolutely amazing! We have been talking about moving for about a year now, but I didn’t really ever think we would. First of all because we loved our old house so much, and secondly we couldn’t find a house that we liked enough to move into. Then we found THE ONE! We both knew this was it, and we put in an offer and bought it together. I also never thought I would be a homeowner either. I feel so grown up!

I wasn’t able to be at the move due to the fitting, but let me tell you, I was busy organizing, unpacking, and setting the house up. I cannot wait for you to see it! It's magical!