Brad Goreski

Brad loved having Gary with him in Milan to make him laugh and keep him on track.

on Feb 13, 2012

People always ask me how filming was and if I felt like it added extra pressure to my life or my relationship, and I can honestly say it did not. I actually think that it complemented it nicely. One of my favorite moments of the entire season is the dinner that Gary and I have near the Duomo when Gary says to me how proud he was of me. He tells me this all time, but this moment for me made the entire trip worthwhile. We were both kind of teary at this dinner, because for me being able to finally give back to Gary was a big deal and to hear him say that he saw something special in me from the time he first saw me when we met in Greece was a very emotional moment for me. I love him so much. I did start crying but we were out in public in a foreign country at a restaurant, so I kept the cry cute and small.

I hope you love this episode as much as I do!