Brad Words

Episode 6:'s Associate Editor breaks down Brad's best pearls of wisdom.

Feb 14, 2012

Holy sexy, shirtless swimsuit models, Batman! Admittedly it was hard to focus on anything like lessons about life or fashion when that kind of Italian beef is being paraded about. But somehow I've managed to scrounge together a list of some learnings from this week's Milan adventures.

Abs Fab

So forget the museums and restaurants when you're in Milan, just head straight to the DSQUARED2 offices. That's evidently where they're keeping the true treasures of Italy. And by that I mean hot Italian models parading around in what may be the world's skimpiest swimwear. Now I understand why Brad wanted to swing by Dan and Dean Caten's studio (besides networking and building a relationship, etc.). And while that blazer Dan and Dean gave Brad was awesome, I kind of would have died had they given Brad a matching swimsuit set for him and Gary. Nothing says Europe quite like a good Speedo.