Gary Janetti

Gary explains why he enjoyed the DSQUARED2 show so much.

on Feb 13, 2012

Hey everybody!

I was so happy to see this episode! Just getting to relive being in Italy was a real treat. I'd honestly forgotten so many moments of that week, it was wild to see these scenes between me and Brad and think, "I barely have any memory of that conversation." Jeez, I wonder how much of our lives is like that. We had so much fun that week, and it was really the first time I'd ever been to a fashion show or had even spent that much time in Brad's world before. We really got along great, and I loved going to the shows together. Enjoyed them all so much. Especially DSQAURED2, as I said in the episode. The energy in the room was so great, it really felt like a gay Fellini film. Love those boys. It was also great to be able to observe the entire fashion scene without really being a part of it. Sooo interesting and sooo much bad breath! No idea what that's about, but here's a tip -- always bring mints to a fashion show.