Gary Janetti

Gary explains why he enjoyed the DSQUARED2 show so much.

on Feb 13, 2012

As far as the flirting with the women at the hotel -- what can I tell you? I'm Italian, it's in our genes. I was totally just being silly and having fun, obviously, but Italian women are so beautiful. I don't see how anybody straight or gay, man or woman, could NOT flirt with them!

I also enjoyed seeing Brad doing his thing and especially the interest the photographers were always taking in his outfits. Seeing how this world has embraced Brad makes me so happy. It was the first time that I got to enjoy the perks of all of Brad's hard work. Getting to sit first, second, or even fifth row (OK, maybe not fifth) at a fashion show is a blast. (When Brad was going backstage to meet Donatella he asked if I wanted to go, and of course I totally wanted my picture with her, but I'm also kind of scared of her so I passed -- damn!)