Gary Janetti

Gary was relieved he actually pulled off the performance for the anniversary (not wedding) party.

on Feb 27, 2012

Hey everyone!

I really loved the last episode. I thought it captured so well exactly what was going on during that time. I actually never wanted to even have a party that big, it just kind of kept growing. Not like a wedding, but kind of like a wedding.

And then when Brad and I met with Steven Petrarca for lunch to discuss the party and he said people would expect me to say something, it got me thinking about WHAT I wanted to say and what it was that I could do for Brad that would illustrate in some way how I felt without having to actually say it. Steven and I talked at some point after that lunch, and I expressed to him I wanted to do something special with a performance aspect, but one that was very personal, and he suggested a flash mob. As soon as he said it, something clicked and I thought what if we did a musical theater flash mob to One Day More from Les Miserables.