Gary Janetti

Gary talks about Brad's propensity to get emotional and mourns the demise of 'One Life to Live.'

on Jan 9, 2012

Next week we go to the house where I grew up in Queens for Sunday dinner (always at 2) with both families, really looking forward to seeing that one. Let me know what you think, OK? But please keep it positive, I'm also sensitive.

And on a sad note, for any of you out there that watch soaps, you might have heard me mention I was watching One Life to Live on last week's episode. Well, I've been watching One Life almost my entire life and this Friday it goes off the air for good. I'm totally bummed. (When I wrote for Will & Grace I made Karen a One Life to Live fan and on Family Guy Stewie has referenced watching it.) I don't know what I'm going to do without Viki! And for those of you who haven't seen Judith Light as Karen Wolek admit to being a prostitute on the stand or Erika Slezak struggling with Viki's many alters or fighting with Dorian over the decades you don't know what you missed! So this is my little salute to One Life to Live -- you will be missed!



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