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So Tacky

Gary felt terrible about fighting in front of Lindsay.

Hi, guys!

It's weird seeing a fight you had (months ago by the way) played out on television. My first thought while watching this was, "What the hell was my problem?" Brad seems pretty reasonable and I seem quickly bothered. But as all of you know, relationships are pretty complicated and there are little things that set us off sometimes that somebody outside the relationship would never notice. I guess I was bothered by Brad's attitude in not wanting to have a party outside of the house, knowing that I would end up taking care of all the details if it was at home. Also I didn't want to have that conversation in front of Lindsay, and I felt horrible fighting in front of her. So tacky! Sorry, Lindsay! It was incredibly petty, but I find that most fights tend to be about petty things. Fortunately, Brad and I don't tend to hold things in, we are very communicative with each other and we usually keep talking until we have resolved our problem. And I know Brad felt horrible about yelling at Penelope during our fight. It was a tense moment and she was being very demanding for attention. We actually spent the rest of the day overcompensating with her. Disciplining the dogs is not my strong suit if I'm being totally honest. If I can just be at home with Brad and the dogs watching TV I'm pretty happy.

Loved seeing Brad with Lindsay in Alabama. Alabama looked great, love the south! And Lindsay is so game for anything, I'm just in love with her! I wish she would've thrown Brad in the water! I know I would have.

Next week anniversary party planning, Brad's relationship with his dad, and male models!

Thanks so much for watching!



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