Gary Janetti

Gary apologizes for making up a word this week.

on Jan 30, 2012


A lot was going on this week. I loved seeing Brad style the Details shoot. I thought he did a great job. I, too, thought that coat looked like a fortune cookie. But also thought it looked just as good on both of the guys, I did not notice any change in it when Ryan put it on. But I'm sure if I was there I would have been like, "Oh, my god, it works so much better now!"

Watching some the stuff with Brad's dad was hard for me. I wish Brad was closer with his father, and I know that this isn't helped by being so far away. I was urging Brad to see him in person, because I think it's too hard and impersonal dealing with such important matters through email and on the phone. At a certain point you have to sit down together and work it out. Life is too short. And I'm Italian, I think it's important for families to stay close and work their crap out. But that's for Brad to figure out with his father in their own way, I just want to do whatever I can to support him.