Watch Your Language

Gary apologizes for making up a word this week.


A lot was going on this week. I loved seeing Brad style the Details shoot. I thought he did a great job. I, too, thought that coat looked like a fortune cookie. But also thought it looked just as good on both of the guys, I did not notice any change in it when Ryan put it on. But I'm sure if I was there I would have been like, "Oh, my god, it works so much better now!"

Watching some the stuff with Brad's dad was hard for me. I wish Brad was closer with his father, and I know that this isn't helped by being so far away. I was urging Brad to see him in person, because I think it's too hard and impersonal dealing with such important matters through email and on the phone. At a certain point you have to sit down together and work it out. Life is too short. And I'm Italian, I think it's important for families to stay close and work their crap out. But that's for Brad to figure out with his father in their own way, I just want to do whatever I can to support him.

Sal is one of my closest friends and he sometimes comes over to cook dinner for us for our dinner parties. He actually offered to come over and cook dinner for Brad's dad and his girlfriend when he heard they were coming, which was super nice of him. He's an amazing cook and the intention is usually for him to teach me how to make something, but after a few glasses of wine I stop paying attention.

Also, I want him to come back and do it again. He's Italian, too, so of course we were totally on the same page in regards to Brad and his dad. The four of us did end up having a lot of fun that night in spite of everything going on with Brad's dad. Thanks for cooking, Sal! And he made a cake!We also started planning our anniversary party this week, and you see we have finally decided to do it at home. Now I know last week you saw me saying I never wanted to do it at home, and I didn't enjoy all the planning and work that goes into it anymore. Oh my god, I was being so dramatic! Brad and I did talk a lot about where best to have the party, and I realized that I ultimately agreed with him. It's much more personal to open your home to all your family and friends. Plus, I'm such a control freak I knew I could control everything more if it was at the house. Steven is a good friend of ours and also an amazing event planner, and I knew he would get what kind of party we wanted.

And we love working with him. I had no idea he thought I had no emotions until our lunch together, but I knew what he was trying to say and thought it was really funny. I was truly stressed though when he told me he thought people were expecting "a moment" from me. I had never even considered that.

Also, in this episode I use the word "unequivocably" which actually is not a word at all. It is unequivocally, as I realized once I heard myself say the wrong word on TV. In the moment I didn't even notice it, but hearing it back I was like, "That's not a word!"

Usually, I sit at home watching reality TV and get frustrated whenever people mangle the English language, create words, and destroy expressions (I believe in this episode I also say "emotional-less" which of course is not a word, but I was joking -- although it doesn't seem that way). So I would like to unequivocally apologize to all the Housewives and bachelors and bachelorettes and teams of people racing around the world who I have ever yelled at through the TV. Today, I too, am one of you.

Next week Milan! I'm kind of excited.

Thanks for watching!



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Sheer Terror with Coco Rocha

Brad dishes on his minor panic attack during Coco's fitting.

Let me start off by saying I love my new house so much! We have now been living in it for almost six months, and every day I pinch myself to see if it is real. I have been busy decorating with the help of our friend and interior designer, Sal Messina. The house is really starting to take shape and we are so happy here! Penelope especially!

I have been a big fan of Coco Rocha’s for many, many years. I have seen her walk in runway shows, pose like no other in photo shoots, and naturally follow her every move on Twitter and Instagram. When I got the call the she needed some help selecting her look for the premiere of her TV show The Face, I pretty much jumped up and down. I wanted her to have THE best choices to choose from, and I kid you not, when we were pulling we couldn't believe how many things were sheer, but we thought that would be right up Coco's alley. Boy was I wrong! I usually have a good gauge for what people are going to love, so when she said she didn't wear anything sheer, I almost passed out. One thing I have learned in this industry is that you cannot be part of the problem, you have to be part of the solution. So I presented all of the options that I thought were the strongest and went from there. We ended up finding options not only for her premiere, but also for press appearances.She stunned on the night of the premiere! It was a really amazing red carpet moment! Not to mention I have been doing A, E, I, O, U since we filmed in November, and it has changed my life! It was an absolute honor working with Coco. I adore her!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for this gay Canadian boy, I got a call from Noot Seear who is also Canadian, also a top model, and also an actress. She has launched an amazing line of headphones called FRENDS! They are fashion meeting function at its finest! She wanted the shoot to look high fashion, but also look like her, so it was a fine balance to match all of those things together. I wanted to show different styles to reflect the different types of women who would be wearing the headphones, so we had the bohemian girl, the indie girl, glamour girl, rocker girl, and girlie girl. It’s so fun to work with new clients and see their reaction to what you have pulled for them and want to see them in. Noot was so incredibly happy with the job we did, and the shots turned out AMAZING! It was a pleasure working with her and I wish her tons of success with her headphones!So much Canadian love! Can you handle it?

On next week’s episode of Brad World, we go to Dubai! It's NEXT LEVEL!


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