Gary Janetti

Gary apologizes for making up a word this week.

on Jan 30, 2012

We also started planning our anniversary party this week, and you see we have finally decided to do it at home. Now I know last week you saw me saying I never wanted to do it at home, and I didn't enjoy all the planning and work that goes into it anymore. Oh my god, I was being so dramatic! Brad and I did talk a lot about where best to have the party, and I realized that I ultimately agreed with him. It's much more personal to open your home to all your family and friends. Plus, I'm such a control freak I knew I could control everything more if it was at the house. Steven is a good friend of ours and also an amazing event planner, and I knew he would get what kind of party we wanted.

And we love working with him. I had no idea he thought I had no emotions until our lunch together, but I knew what he was trying to say and thought it was really funny. I was truly stressed though when he told me he thought people were expecting "a moment" from me. I had never even considered that.