Gary Janetti

Gary apologizes for making up a word this week.

on Jan 30, 2012

Also, in this episode I use the word "unequivocably" which actually is not a word at all. It is unequivocally, as I realized once I heard myself say the wrong word on TV. In the moment I didn't even notice it, but hearing it back I was like, "That's not a word!"

Usually, I sit at home watching reality TV and get frustrated whenever people mangle the English language, create words, and destroy expressions (I believe in this episode I also say "emotional-less" which of course is not a word, but I was joking -- although it doesn't seem that way). So I would like to unequivocally apologize to all the Housewives and bachelors and bachelorettes and teams of people racing around the world who I have ever yelled at through the TV. Today, I too, am one of you.

Next week Milan! I'm kind of excited.

Thanks for watching!



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