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Like a Boss

Episode 4:'s Associate Editor breaks down Brad's best pearls of wisdom.

This week's trip to Alabama had everything -- overalls, a large assortment of walkers, orange felt hats. (Yes, I just had a Stefon moment.) There was much to be learned about both Southern style and Brad's new assistant Lindsay, so let's dive right in to our fashion findings. 

You Could Be a Farmer in Those Clothes

Brad and Lindsay made a huge discovery during their travels -- Ye Olde General Store in Alabama is one of the best places on earth. It was kind of like stepping into the wardrobe and arriving in a Southern/Old West/farmer-esque Narnia. They tried on bonnets, a captain's hat, an acid wash trench coat, overalls, and on and on. The sheer joy of Brad and Lindsay's giant game of dress up was infectious. So when in Alabama, be sure to swing by this gem of a store so you too can own an orange felt hat.

Driven to Madness

Lindsay is not a good driver. There are really no two ways around this point. Brad learned this the hard way when they went shopping for office space. And quite frankly even I was scared as I watched Lindsay perilously make her way through the streets of LA, and I wasn't even in the car. I think this picture speaks for itself:


Luckily Brad wasn't shy about taking the wheel and banning her from driving the car. And we can only hope that for Lindsay's safety she's improved her skills since then.Like a Boss

Employer/employee relationships are always tricky to navigate. Brad's way of keeping Lindsay in line -- shame and fear. He totally had her thinking she was in deep trouble when she agreed to do that photo shoot. But he was just kidding! Kind of. And then they made up by stripping down and jumping in the water for a swim. (Doesn't look like that BBQ caught up with either of them.)