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Perfect Ten

Episode 8:'s Associate Editor breaks down Brad's best pearls of wisdom.

Well, our time in Brad's world has come to a close. It's been a colorful, crazy ride full of orange felt hats, beautiful male models, and of course copious amounts of weeping. We've learned so much watching Brad build his business, from the importance of a tight ass to proper lasagna eating etiquette. So thank you, Brad, for making learning fun again!

Let's see what final pearls of wisdom we can glean from Brad and Gary's ten-year anniversary party (other than the fact that they may be the cutest couple ever).

Treat Yo'Self

When throwing a huge ten-year anniversary party, take a page from Brad's book and find some time to pamper yourself on the big day. Nobody likes a stressed out host! Brad indulged in a delightful mani/pedi with his BFF Annabet right before the party began, and afterward he was calm, cool, and ready to dance the night away. Meanwhile Gary was running around like a lunatic "art directing" each room of the house and double checking the amount of toilet paper on hand. (To be frank, I would totally be the person madly tidying the house and freaking out, so I can relate to Gary on this one.) Perhaps the real lesson here is to find a partner who will take the lead when it comes to organizing events.

Don't Set Your Gay Indie Film in Greece

Seeing Megan Mullally made me pine for the days of Karen Walker on Will and Grace. Good times! It felt as if she was reprising her old role however when Gary and Brad told her that they met in Greece. The face she made was priceless. Even Gary had to agree that their story was like a "gay indie film at Outfest." So to all you aspiring gay indie filmmakers out there, please do not set your film in Mykonos. It's been done.

Also always have Ron Swanson at your party. Simply because that's awesome.

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