The Secret to Success

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The Secret to Success

Episode 1:'s Assistant Editor breaks down Brad's best pearls of wisdom.

I love Brad. There I said it. He's cute and funny and wears amazing clothes and has a loving, hilarious, and handsome boyfriend. Also he reaches up Keri Hilson's (and other celebs') skirts as part of his job. Brad Goreski is living the American dream. Or at least my version of it.

So as we enter this Brad, Brad World together, watching the young fashionisto navigate his way through the tricky world of styling, I think there are lessons to be learned. So let's see what wisdom Brad's trials, tribulations, and triumphs provided this week.Muscle Your Way to the Top

To succeed in the fashion world, one must be a "styling warrior." And by this Brad means you need to get yourself to the gym. When all your best purses and couture gowns fail, the only things you have left to sell yourself are those bulging biceps showcased when you carry garment bags. As Brad astutely notes, "If people aren't going to hire me for my styling, at least they're going to hire me for my cute thighs and my cute ass." Amen.

Give Good Face(s)

Brad only backed up Tyra's Top Model insistence that models deliver a number of looks for a photo shoot. Brad shared his go-to poses -- sexy face, surprised face, over-the-shoulder, kitty cat (my personal fave), and last but not least, just plain gorgeous. Diversity is clearly the key to success in a photo shoot. That and bonding with the photographer over the hardships of growing up gay. 

Sole Man

Shh! Brad has revealed one of his cardinal styling secrets -- if you're going to invest in any piece, go with good shoes. The perfect pair of kicks kicks up the style quotient of an outfit. A pair of (prefereably shiny or studded) sneakers will jazz up something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt. You can see it all in this clip. And by see it all I also mean semi-nude male models. (Have I convinced you to watch it yet?)

Beth Chose Function Over Fashion

Brad really didn't know which dress Beth Behrs was going to choose until the last minute.

Beth Behrs has been a client of mine since the Tony Awards this past June. We had such a great red carpet moment that night that we have been working together ever since.

I love Beth. She is very open to change, trying new things, and she trusts me 100%. Beth was attending the AmFar event in Los Angeles with the creator of the show she stars in "Two Broke Girls," so we wanted her to be sexy and sophisticated at the same time. At the end of the fitting, I usually know what a client is going to wear, but in this case, we had two very strong Armani options that were very different in feeling, but both appropriate for the occasion.

We had both of them prepared for her, and in the end she chose to wear the black velvet plunging neckline gown. This is a case where function over fashion won! We loved the strapless pearly grey architectural gown, but it was very restricting and would have been hard for her to sit in for the entire event. Some dresses are meant to be worn on the carpet only -- you take pictures and then get in your car and go home! It happens.

In the end she looked gorgeous, chic and sexy. Check!Getting a new house with Gary has been absolutely amazing! We have been talking about moving for about a year now, but I didn’t really ever think we would. First of all because we loved our old house so much, and secondly we couldn’t find a house that we liked enough to move into. Then we found THE ONE! We both knew this was it, and we put in an offer and bought it together. I also never thought I would be a homeowner either. I feel so grown up!

I wasn’t able to be at the move due to the fitting, but let me tell you, I was busy organizing, unpacking, and setting the house up. I cannot wait for you to see it! It's magical!