This Is What it Really Looks Like Inside a Plane When Passengers Learn They’re Going Down (VIDEO)

File under: worst nightmare.

"Brace!" It's the one word nobody wants to hear in flight. During an emergency, however, it's a vital instruction you can expect to hear from flight attendants. Thanks to a now-viral video from a recent American Airlines emergency landing in Dallas, Texas, we know exactly what that terrifying situation looks like IRL. (Warning: It will send chills down your spine.)

The flight in question, operated by Mesa Airlines, departed from Phoenix, Arizona before a broken fan caused smoke to fill the cockpit. 

Passenger Steve Ramsthel filmed what happened next: A flight attendant told the (incredibly calm) people in the main cabin that they would need to brace themselves for an emergency landing. Moments after detailing how to do so, the flight attendant can shouted that frightening instruction: "Brace!"

It. Is. Harrowing.

Despite appearing completely terrifying, Ramsthel's video, posted to Facebook, highlights an unthinkable part of air travel — the fact that things don't always go according to plan.

American Airlines issued a statement following the incident. It reads: "A flight made an emergency landing on January 17 due to mechanical issues stemming from a broken fan. There were no reported injuries."

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