Did a Passenger's Viral Video Catch a Crew Repairing a No-Frills Airplane With (GULP)... Duct Tape?!

Uh.... help?

London-based carrier EasyJet is known for its low-priced and no-frills flights and that's great for bargains — but no passenger wants to think that their safety is being compromised for the sake of a good deal.

Consider what this passenger saw, and captured on video: A crew made temporary repairs on one of the planes in EasyJet's fleet using a shiny silver material that looks a lot like duct tape. The passenger captured the moment on November 28.

It's not the first time the airline has gone viral for a similar fix: It happened last in 2015, too.

But don't fear, passengers everywhere: A spokesperson for the company told Daily Mail that the high-speed metallic tape is an aviation industry standard and "in no way compromises the safety of the aircraft."

And pilot and Ask the Pilot host Patrick Smith explains that speed tape is "extremely durable and is able to expand and contract through a wide range of temperatures."

OK. But the average commercial flyer's reaction to seeing something that looks plucked straight out of an episode of MacGyver is that it doesn't look safe. And in fact it looks pretty scary.

At least the stuff is expensive — costing several hundred dollars a roll, if that makes you feel any better? And again, remember. It is high-speed metallic tape, which is different from duct tape. So just relax. Relax.

There's nothing to see here.

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