Why Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Place on Earth Is “the Last Place” He’d Open a Restaurant

This tiny English fishing village has a special place in Ramsay's heart.

In between starting Twitter wars with vegans and playing Alexa in commercials, it's hard to believe Gordon Ramsay has time to travel. But he does... often. Sure, the U.K. native spends lots of time in the U.S., but — thanks to a telling interview with Travel + Leisure — we now know that Ramsay's favoriteplace on Earth is nestled in his home country.

Where in the world does Gordon Ramsay like to unwind?

A place called Rock in Cornwall, that's where. "It’s this tiny little fishing village that is breathtaking," Ramsay gushed to T + L, describing a typical day in the microclimate. "At the end of the garden we go into the beach. The sand dunes are there, and we could be windsurfing one moment, swimming the next or literally sat there with an oyster knife at the end of the garden opening oysters."

Besides ultra fresh seafood, Rock is also home to thriving vineyards (hello, decadent wine) and an "intertwined" cuisine, but Ramsay was quick to note he wouldn't ever try to profit of its greatness by opening up a restaurant. "That’s the last thing I’m gonna do there, cause I’ve got this oasis on my doorstep."

Fair enough!

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