Graham Elliot Says He's the World's "Most Anxious" Traveler, But Soothes His Nerves With This Funny '80s-Throwback Fix

Meet the #Skeletourist.

Graham Elliot knows how to keep it more than cool in the kitchen no matter what obstacles are thrown his way, but the Top Chef judge and Going Off the Menu Season 2 host doesn't quite have the same composure when he has to fly.

"I'm probably the most laid-back, easy-going person in the world, to a fault, right?" he told Jet Set (clip above). "Like, I come in and one of the cooks cut their hands off and there's 500 people coming in in an hour — it's like, 'Fine, let's make some stuff!' Whereas, I could have first class, first seat [on a plane] and I'm sitting waiting with my bag to get on a half hour before. I'm so scared that I'm not going to not have any space to put my bag or somehow the plane will take off. I am the most anxious person in the world when it comes to flying."

Luckily, he has a little friend who makes things slightly more bearable.

"I bring the 1984 He-Man toy Sketelor, on Instagram he is the Skeletourist," he admitted. "I'll take pictures of him in random places and situations all over, so he tends to come with me when I travel."

Skeletourist is a useful travel buddy. He can guard the passport, for one.

"MasterChef of the Universe!" #ChicagoToMacau #Skeletourist

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Skeletourist can also ensure that everything is packed.

“Taking off for @waltdisneyworld and nobody can stop me! Hahahahaha!” 💀 #skeletourist

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And he can help survey the great unknown to make it a little less scary.

"There's a great big world out there...for me to conquer!" #Skeletourist #ChicagoToMacau

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Does air travel work your last nerve? Like Graham's Skeletourist, you might consider an action figure as a playful distraction. (Can't hurt, right?)

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