A Surprising Airline (That You Might Actually Love) Was Just Named America's Worst

We did not see this coming.

Though 2017 was a tough year for the airline industry in general, your jaw might just drop when you find out which airline ranked the lowest stateside. Can you handle it? Get this: JetBlue has been named America's worst airline, The Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the publication — who named Delta the best, by the way — the "usually middle-of-the-pack performer" known for its dreamy sale prices, landed in last place due to increased flight delays and cancelations. (Granted, Air Traffic Control and Mother Nature can also contribute, but JetBlue is working to better their customer experience, nevertheless.)

“We have to react to those uncontrollables and make them controllable,” JetBlue's executive vice president for operations told WSJ.

Jet Set reached out to JetBlue for comment. However, the brand is reportedly revving up its plan to fix the unfortunate issues by adding more spare planes to its mix, boosting maintenance times, and making tech improvements.

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