Minnie Mouse Just Got a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 40 Years After Mickey (And How the F Is That Fair?)

Madame Mouse finally got the honor she deserves. 

The first lady of Disney finally has the recognition she deserves — and it's about time. On January 22, Minnie Mouse donned her best polka dots and headed to Hollywood's iconic Walk of Fame, where she got her own star... some 40 after her (albeit fictional) male counterpart Mickey did.

Now, the honor is better later than never, sure. But we can't help but wonder: What took so darn long? To paraphrase Ginger Rogers, Minnie did everything Mickey did — but in heels. Still, the bubbly mouse showed no signs of weariness at the jubilant Walk of Fame ceremony. And, as ever, her bowtie-wearing beau was on hand to lend his support.

Minnie and Mickey do make a dashing duo, don't they?  

The mouse of honor also hobnobbed with some other pals, including Katy Perry (NBD)... 

and Heidi Klum: 

To salute their animated pal, Klum and Perry both wore polka dots. The cheerful event was light, fun, and full of Disney magic. But at its heart, it was also a small triumph for female recognition in Hollywood — and we'll take that any way we can get it! 

Now, when will Ariel get her star? 

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