QUIZ: Plan a Trip to England and We’ll Tell You if You’re a Kate Middleton or a Meghan Markle

This quiz will answer the question once and for all!

Y’all. Remember when Kate Middleton came into our lives and we were all so inspired by how brilliant and clever and down-to-earth and naturally gorgeous she was? We loved her and she made us believe that even li’l ol’ us had a chance at becoming a modern-day princess.

It seemed like Prince Harry had an impossible act to follow… until he started dating Meghan Markle. Despite her acting career, she was relatively under-the-radar. But now, we’ve read dozens of articles and seen TV interviews, and we know just how cheeky and and sweet and humble she is — and just as flawless as Kate!

So are you more of a Kate Middleton or a Meghan Markle?  Simply plan a trip to England, and we will reveal your spirit duchess!

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