Here's Where Thieves Had to Go to Steal the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Vodka

The stolen item is worth seven figures.

How much do you think the world's most expensive bottle of vodka would be — five figures? Six figures?

Try more than a cool million. Bloomberg reports that thieves stole the most expensive vodka in Denmark. The bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka valued at $1.3 million has gone missing from the Cafe 33 bar in Copenhagen.

It was at the bar on loan from a Russian businessman, according to the publication.

What makes the bottle so expensive? Oh, just the 6.6 pounds of gold and 6.6 pounds of silver used to make it as well as the unspecified karats of diamonds that adorn the top.

Despite the high-ticket heist, Paris is actually the European city with the most expensive bar scene in general, with an average cocktail running about $18.

Fingers crossed the pricey bottle gets returned soon!

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