This Is Exactly How Many Times You Can Go to the Bathroom on a Plane Before Your Neighbor Hates You

They're sleeping, but you. Need. OUT! (It happens.)

It happens: You're in the middle of a flight and you need to use the restroom. What's the etiquette on how many times you can bug someone sitting next to you to get up so you can actually exit the teeny tiny row?

According to British and European passengers surveyed by British Airways, you have exactly one chance to do this and get it right. In other words, if you need to ask people to get up more than once, you risk pissing the average person off.

What about if the person next to you is sleeping and you just gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now?

A whopping 80 percent of people surveyed say it's cool to wake 'em on up, but, again, only once! They say this is much preferred to a "climb-over," which never seems to end well. 

Also, several U.K. passengers surveyed offered advice if you're sitting next to someone that is being too chatty for your taste: Get up and pretend to go to the bathroom (or actually go). Either way, relief is on the way for that discomfort.

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